About Todd and Scarboro

Todd and Scarboro, Inc. is the longest, continuously operated business in Wendell, N. C. Providing Services to the Community for over 100 + years.

Dene Castleberry is the current owner. He has carefully protected the name and the heritage of Todd and Scarboro. A celebration of the 100 year anniversary was hosted, honoring the founders of the company, inviting the relatives of the Todd and Scarboro families.

You will see Portraits of Mallie Todd and Walter Scarboro hanging on the Knott Square office lobby wall.

Our Goal

Is to understand the needs of our clients and provide them with the insurance and services they need before they ever make a claim.

History of Todd and Scarboro

In 1907, Mallie C. Todd partnered with R. B. Whitley to create a new insurance company in a fledgling little town, Wendell, NC. At the time, he probably wasn’t concerned about giving rise to a timeless institution. Instead, the two men were responding to a market trend that saw banks in rural communities opening insurance offices. Because banks typically only required insurance on debt, most insurance companies weren’t interested in doing business in small towns where there wasn’t much debt. But the banks that loaned out debt considered it to be in their best interest to insure their loans, so they often created insurance arms.

What began as Todd & Whitley in 1907, soon became Todd & Richardson, when Whitley sold his interest to Ruffin Richardson. In 1931, Richardson sold his interest to Walter Scarboro and the famous name was born.

Anticipating part of what would become law decades later, Todd and Whitley opened a separate company to operate its insurance business. The company remained housed inside the Bank of Wendell, where Todd was the cashier or what we call today the bank president until the 1950s. With the Federal Laws requiring banks to get out the insurance business, Todd and Scarboro moved to a new location across the street from the Bank of Wendell. 

The Todd and Scarboro families remained involved with the company for most of the next 50 years, developing relationships with local customers and rolling with the changing tides of the insurance industry. 

In 1970 Alton Staples joined Todd and Scarboro as a minority partner, then gradually took over the ownership. In 1992, Dene Castleberry became a minority partner, then took ownership when Alton Staples retired in 2002. Rodney Maye was also a minority partner 2004 -2014.


Our staff includes seven licensed agents ready to assist you with all your insurance needs. From life insurance to car insurance to business insurance, we can handle all your needs in one office.

We have binding authority with several regional companies. Take time to come by our office and leave with coverage specific to your needs. We also offer coverage for those hard to place accounts with some major excess and surplus carriers.

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